Church State Corporation

As editor Mona Oraby writes in her introduction to this forum on Winnifred Fallers Sullivan’s new book, Church State Corporation, “Book forums on The Immanent Frame typically consist of three components: an introduction by the featured book author, several responses by scholars representing the various fields with which the book engages, and the book author’s reply to these responses. This forum instead borrows its structure from the “Practices of relation” series inaugurated by former TIF editorial board member, Nancy Levene, and her colleague at Yale University, Noreen Khawaja.”

Oraby explains, “Following this introduction, five dialogues will be published in which Sullivan was paired with another scholar to discuss Church State Corporation. Her interlocutors are Leora Batnitzky (Religion, Princeton University), Samuel Moyn (History and Law, Yale University and Yale Law School), Nandini Chatterjee (History, University of Exeter), Linda Greenhouse (Yale Law School), and Julian Rivers (University of Bristol Law School). These conversations all took place over email between July-September 2020. Each pair of interlocutors decided the direction of the conversation.”

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