The Kingdom of God Has No Borders

The Kingdom of God Has No Borders explores how American evangelicals have engaged global politics over the past sixty years, particularly in the Middle East and Africa. The fundamental premise of the book is that, when international issues are taken into account, the history of modern evangelicalism looks different from the dominant stories we have about it. Exploring US evangelicals’ transnational investments, starting with controversies over racism and missionary work in the 1950s, and closing with debates over homosexual rights in Uganda in the 2000s, this book aims to both expand and challenge key components of the domestic story by showing how some theologically conservative Protestants in the United States came to understand themselves to be part of a truly global community.”

Continue reading author Melani McAlister’s introduction to her book The Kingdom of God Has No Borders: A Global History of American Evangelicals (Oxford, 2018) and the TIF discussion of it here.

New essays in this forum will be published through the fall, discussing what some have called a “landmark” volume.