David Kyuman Kim

David Kyuman Kim is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Connecticut College, where he also served as the College's Inaugural Director of the Center for the Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity from 2005-2008. He was an Editor-at-Large for The Immanent Frame and in 2009, Kim served as acting program director for SSRC projects on religion. In conjunction with the SSRC’s Luce-funded project on religion and international affairs, Kim is conducting Rites and Responsibilities, a dialogue forum on sovereignty, accountability, authority, and the public life of religion. In 2009, he was the inaugural Visiting Professor of the Humanities at the Cogut Center for the Humanities at Brown University. His book Melancholic Freedom: Agency and the Spirit of Politics was published by Oxford University Press in 2007. He is co-editor, with Philip Gorski, John Torpey, and Jonathan VanAntwerpen of The Post-Secular in Question. With John L. Jackson, Jr., Kim is co-editing a special issue on race, religion, and democracy for The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. His current book project is Future Perfect, Past Conditional: the Work of Memory.

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