Jon Butler

Jon Butler is Howard R. Lamar Professor Emeritus of American Studies, History, and Religious Studies at Yale University. His books include Power, Authority, and the Origins of American Denominational Order (American Philosophical Society, 1978; University of Alabama Press, 2009), The Huguenots in America: A Refugee People in New World Society (Harvard University Press, 1983; Soloutos Prize and Chinard Prize); Awash in a Sea of Faith: Christianizing the American People (Harvard University Press, 1990; Outler Prize, the AHA Beveridge Award for Best Book in American History); Becoming America: The Revolution Before 1776 (Harvard University Press, 2000), and Religion in American Life: A Short History, co-authored with Grant Wacker and Randall Balmer (Oxford University Press, 2003), as well as many articles and reviews. He is currently writing a book, God in Gotham, about religion in Manhattan from the Gilded Age to the Kennedy election.

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