Deirdre English

Deirdre English teaches at the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley. She has written and edited work on a wide array of subjects related to investigative reporting, cultural politics, gender studies, and public policy. She is the former Editor-in-Chief of Mother Jones magazine where she worked for eight years, ending in 1986. She has taught American Studies and magazine writing and production at the College of Old Westbury at the State University of New York and has been a lecturer at City College of New York and the University of California at Santa Cruz. Her most current work includes a revision of For Her Own Good: Two Centuries of the Experts’ Advice to Women (Anchor), co-authored with Barbara Ehrenreich and published with a new Afterword in 2004, and an essay on the work of photographer Susan Meiselas, published in Carnival Strippers, Whitney Museum of American Art, 2003.

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