Check out The Immanent Frame‘s ten most-read essays of 2021! These essays are drawn from forums such as “Antiblackness as religion: Black living, Black dying, and Covid-19” and “Unveiling the end times: Neoliberalism and apocalypse.” Others are pieces previously published on TIF and updated in light of current developments. Scholars address wide-ranging topics—from how the movement for Black Lives intersects with religion and public health to translation’s place in the academic enterprise.

Explore all essays and exchanges from the past year and beyond, including our A Universe of Terms project. Thank you to all of the contributors who wrote for The Immanent Frame in 2021. We look forward to another year of scholarly exchanges!

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1. “Distorted mirrors: Toward a clear gaze on Black suffering

by Rebecca A. Wilcox (1/14/2021)

3. “The longue durée of apocalypse

by Charisse Burden-Stelly and Gerald Horne (3/17/2021)

4. “Antiblackness as religion: Black living, Black dying, and Covid-19

by Ahmad Greene-Hayes (1/7/2021)

5. “Revisited: the case of religious environmentalism

by Roger S. Gottlieb (1/13/2021)

6. “Sultan Bargash and Zanzibar’s cosmopolitan modernity

by Seema Alavi (6/29/2021)

7. “Neoliberalism and ambient apocalypse

by Courtney Bender and Todne Thomas (3/3/2021)

8. “The coloniality of apocalypse

by Catherine Keller and Mayra Rivera (3/31/2021)

9. “Racism and sectarianism

by Ussama Makdisi (7/21/2021)

10. “Abolition is sacred work

by Laura McTighe (1/28/2021)