In time for tonight’s Vice Presidential debate, we offer a second installment of articles from around the web that address Sarah Palin’s faith.

Michelle Goldberg argues in The Nation that Sarah Palin is the religious right’s ultimate success story, while the Los Angeles Times probes the line between her fundamentalist beliefs and her public policy.

Another story from the LA Times reports that some evangelicals believe Palin’s career has violated the biblical teaching of wifely submission. Meanwhile in Salon, Sarah Posner outlines the fringe biblical teachings Palin brought to her position as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.

Over at Religion Clause, Howard Friedman offers two different looks at Sarah Palin’s views on religion and church-state issues. Spiritual Politics, the religion and the 2008 election campaign blog at the Center for the Study of Religion in Public Life at Trinity College, also offers two different posts titled “Her personal faith”. 

On Faith, the Washington Post religion blog, revisits Palin’s Creationist views days after Pat Oliphant’s cartoon on Palin’s Pentecostalism created a stir.  

In his “This is not a Religion Column” at Religion Dispatches, Jeff Sharlet makes a connection between biblical capitalism, Sarah Palin, and The Family.  

And finally, over at Politico, Andy Barr reports that experts say in the end Palin’s religion has been misunderstood. 

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