As the elections draw closer there has been more and more media coverage of Sarah Palin. Below we have included a roundup of articles from across the web that touch on issues related to her faith.

Salon’s Camille Paglia writes “Fresh blood for the vampire,” an argument for Sarah Palin’s representation of the true feminist spirit. Over at Religion Dispatches Mary E. Hunt begs to differ, and has written a post entitled “Sarah Palin and the Clarence Thomas Factor,” which discusses how Palin’s feminist (or anti-feminist) views will affect the votes of religious feminists. Meanwhile, Tom Perrotta at Slate discusses how Palin fits the archetype of “sexy Puritan” in an article titled, predictably, “The Sexy Puritan.”

The Weekly Standard and Pop + Politics delve into Palin’s religious beliefs (with varying degrees of incredulity) in the articles “Clinging to Her Religion” and Religion and Politics, Part 1: Playing Pentecostal Dodge Ball with Sarah Palin,” respectively.

AlterNet discusses “Sarah Palin’s Big Bad Creationism,” telling us why Sarah Palin’s stance on evolution is not the disaster some consider it to be. The Sensuous Curmudgeon gives us his take on Palin, her faith, and science in a series of posts.

The Witchhunter Anoints Sarah Palin” and “Palin’s Pastor: God ‘Is Gonna Strike Out His Hand Against’ America,” both from The Huffington Post, look into Palin’s personal relationships with religious leaders, and tell us what Palin’s relationships with Thomas Muthee, a Kenyan witchhunter, and Larry Kroon, her pastor, say about her. The Guardian also brings up this issue in the article “Palin’s Preacher Problem,” linking Palin with clear Antisemitism.

Finally, Newsweek brings us an article entitled “When Atheists Attack,” which raises questions about Palin’s qualifications and defends elitism, academic and otherwise.