Responses to Frequencies

Frequencies, an Official Honoree of the 16th Annual Webby Awards, is an experiment that sought to create a collaborative genealogy of spirituality. Produced by The Immanent Frame and Killing the Buddha and curated by Kathryn Lofton and John Lardas Modern, the digital compendium gathers one hundred written entries and visual artworks that describe and represent expressions of “the spiritual.” At the outset of the project, the curators wrote:

Frequencies approaches spirituality as a cultural technology, as a diverse reverberation, as a frequency in the ether of experience. We begin in a moment when novelists wonder about the divine, psychological counselors advertise as spiritual advisers, and scholars seek to capture spirituality’s ephemeral nature through survey research. Spirituality abounds, even as it is unclear what it is. Whatever it is, it seems hard to capture. Spirituality takes hold beneath the skin and permeates below the radar of statistical surveys. It resists classification even as it classifies its evaluators and its believers as subjects of its sway.

Here, scholars respond to the project, considering its shape and contents, its limits and potentialities.