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Check out The Immanent Frame‘s ten most-read essays of 2022! This year’s essays were featured in the forums “Out there: Perspectives on the study of Black metaphysical religion” and “Hindutva and the shared scripts of the global right,” with the exception of one from the forum “Religion, spirituality, and democratic renewal: Essays from the 2020 fellows.” Scholars address wide-ranging topics—from the development of twentieth-century Black religious traditions at a communal, participatory level to the rise of right-wing nationalism in India and across the world.

Explore all essays and exchanges from the past year and beyond. Thank you to all of the contributors who wrote for The Immanent Frame in 2022. We look forward to another year of scholarly exchanges!

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1. “Hindutva appropriations of indigeneity

by Audrey Truschke (10/19/22)

2. “The neocolonial futurism of US Hindutva

by Dheepa Sundaram (11/23/22)

3. “The affective allure of authoritarianism

by Sarah Riccardi-Swartz (1/21/22)

4. “Out there: Perspectives on the study of Black metaphysical religion

by Matthew Harris and J.T. Roane (3/25/22)

5. “Sacred space and the (post)secular state

by Anna Bigelow (11/16/22)

6. “Hindu fragility and the politics of mimicry in North America

by The Feminist Critical Hindu Studies Collective (11/2/22)

7. “Online Hindutva as a right-wing counterpublic

by Rohit Chopra (10/12/22)

9. “Rastafari women’s early-twentieth-century world-making

by Shamara Wyllie Alhassan (4/1/22)

10. “The pastor, the swarm, and the movement

by Rodrigo Nunes (10/26/22)