A central source of support for the Social Science Research Council’s program on religion and the public sphere (including ongoing support for the efforts of The Immanent Frame), the Henry R. Luce Initiative on Religion and International Affairs “seeks to deepen understanding of religion as a critical but often neglected dimension of national and international policies and politics.”

The Luce initiative was announced in June 2005, and has supported dozens of different projects (the SSRC was one of its earliest grantees). In addition to providing support for programs at professional schools of international affairs in the United States, the initiative builds on existing or emerging efforts within U.S. universities, public policy institutions, and media organizations, in order to strengthen or create new programs, to focus on particular issues, or to amplify synergies among those working at the intersection of religion and international affairs.

Projects funded under the initiative have produced a wide range of books and other publications, and we have gathered a selection of books here.

Learn more about the Luce initiative here.