On Friday-Saturday, Feb. 3-4, the Heyman Center for the Humanities at Columbia University will host Reworking Political Concepts II: A Lexicon in Formation, featuring presentations by Gil Anidjar, Susan Buck-Morss, Stathis Gourgouris, Jacques Lezra, and Uday Mehta, among others. From the website:

This conference is part of the early stages in the formation of a lexicon of political concepts. It will be the 6th in a series of conferences started in Tel Aviv University, and the second to take place in New York City. The project is guided by one formal principle: we pose the Socratic question “what is x?”, and by one theatrical principle: the concepts defined should be relevant to political thought and, more broadly, to thinking about the political. The questions–what is political thought and what is the political– are not predetermined here. They are open for renewed study and debate. This conference is therefore a part of an ongoing attempt to redefine both the boundaries of the political (and with them, the disciplinary boundaries of political philosophy or theory) and the elements included within these boundaries.

Further description and details available here.