The Tony Blair Faith Foundation recently announced the launch of its “global schools program” in the United States.  Hoping to “build strong links between young people in the USA and in a number of Muslim-majority countries including Pakistan, Jordan, the Palestinian Territories, Lebanon and Indonesia,” this program, called Face to Faith, “will be introduced into U.S. public and private schools at the start of term in several states across the country including Utah, California, New York, Washington and Georgia.” According to the foundation’s website:

The Face to Faith global program brings secondary school students together using digital technology to learn about each other, and about the attitude of those of different religions, cultures and beliefs to global issues such as the environment, health, art, poverty and wealth. Using a secure website, video-conferencing, teacher training, bespoke curriculum materials and expert facilitation, the program operates in 15 countries.

A world religions class at Brighton High School in Cottonwood, Utah, will be the first to implement the program. The class format will be bipartite, consisting of in-class lectures and history lessons, followed by face-to-face video conferences with students in Palestine, Indonesia, and elsewhere.  Video conferences will be moderated by Tony Blair Faith Foundation personnel.

For more information, see the TBFF website.