Over at Theos, a British think tank working in the area of religion, politics and society, a new report was recently released asking: “Is there a ‘Religious Right’ emerging in Britain?” Recent debates in the U.K. over abortion and same-sex marriage have galvanized the religious community, in ways reminiscent of the American religious right. This report, by Andy Walton with Andrea Hatcher and Nick Spencer, helps to shed light on these developments:

Recent years have seen an increasing number of claims that a US-style Religious Right either exists or is rapidly emerging in Britain. This forthcoming report examines whether the claims are accurate.

“This report gives a reliable overview of evidence concerning the purported rise of the Christian Right in Britian. Drawing on new research, it profiles several new Christian groups. By placing them in context, it shows why rumours that an American style movement is crossing the Atlantic are greatly exaggerated.”

Read the full report here. For more on the political influence of evangelicals in the United States, read our recent discussion on “The new evangelicals.”