Sunday, Nov. 22, 5pm to ­6.30pm
Marriot-International 6 (International level)
American Academy of Religion annual meeting (Nov. 21­-24, Atlanta, GA)

A session entitled “Spirits of Capitalism: Exploring Religion and Economy” will serve as an exploratory session for a potential new AAR program unit entitled “Religion and Economy.” Both the panel and the proposed unit seek to promote interdisciplinary conversations among scholars whose work conjoins concepts of religion, economy, and economics. The panel will feature brief presentations by scholars familiar to readers of The Immanent Frame (including Pamela Klassen and Kathryn Lofton). Panelists will reflect on how they conceptualize intersections of religion and economy in their historical, anthropological, and critical theoretical scholarship. Through the presentations and subsequent discussion with the audience, the panel will explore how capitalism’s terms and constraints not only orient religious life but also take shape through fields of thought, activity, resistance that the “religious” helps bring into view.

If you have any questions about the panel or proposed program unit, please feel free to contact the co-­organizers, Daniel Vaca ( and Elayne Oliphant (