Writing in Religious Dispatches, Sarah Posner tackles TIF’s recent exchange on “The new evangelicals,” specifically the lead essay by Marcia Pally. While Posner acknowledges the changes occurring within the evangelical community, she questions other parts of Pally’s argument:

It’s true, of course, that the measure of a person’s religious and political beliefs is more complex than how she pulled the lever in the voting booth. And it’s also true, as Pally readily admits, that the religious right is still “robust.” Pally’s purpose, though, is not only to convince us that the “new” evangelicals exist—and on that point she is unquestionably correct—but that their views, habits, and activism represent (1) a fundamental shift from the religious right, and (2) potentially fruitful alliances with progressives and the Democratic Party. On both those points, she elides many complicating factors.

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