Winnifred Fallers Sullivan’s recent post “The cross: more than religion?” is cited in a new paper by Mary Dolan, “Salazar v. Buono: The Cross Between Endorsement and History,” part of a Northwestern University Law Review colloquy on the Salazar v. Buono decision.

Dolan’s paper begins:

The striking image of a white cross on stark rock, silhouetted against the desert sky, now symbolizes not only Christianity and, arguably, World War I military sacrifice, but also the equally dramatic, prolonged saga of the Salazar v. Buono litigation.  The photos invoke the most recent Supreme Court battle in the legal and cultural war to define religion’s role in the public square.  Competing approaches stress either preserving history or avoiding government endorsement of religion; this brief article analyzes a potential new synthesis suggested by Buono.

Read it in full here.