David Abitbol, co-creater of Jewlicious, discussing the origins and intentions of his blog with The Jerusalem Post, comments:

There seems to be a perception that in order to be cool you  had to like be really, extremely, unduly critical of Israel and dismissive of traditional Judaism. We though, “we’re all pretty cool guys and we’re not unduly critical of Israel, and we’re not dismissive of traditional Judaism.” And so, me and my friends got together and decided we’re going to create a blog that’s more reflective of our vision of Judaism. And then, within five months of its inception we created our first Jewlicious festival. Again, based on demand.

Jewlicious is written by a multitude of self-described “Jews that you meet, when you’re walking down the street,” from all over the world and of varying degrees of religiosity. Watch Abitbol’s interview below to learn more about the impact its had on an international Jewish community, or check out the blog itself at Jewlicious.com.