At the excellent evolution/creationism-junkie blog The Sensuous Curmudgeon, there’s an announcement about Making Sense of Evolution, the new book by John Haught, a Catholic theologian who has become an outspoken advocate of welcoming evolutionary biology into Christian theology. Says the book’s jacket matter, which the Curmudgeon quotes:

Evolution makes good scientific sense. The question is whether it makes good theological sense as well. Christians who find evolution contrary to faith often do so because they focus solely on the issues of the world’s design and the notion of the gradual descent of all life from a common ancestry. But that point of view overlooks the significance of the dramatic narrative going on beneath the surface. What evolution is has become more important than what it means.

Haught suggests that, rather than necessarily contradicting one another, theologians and Darwinian scientists actually share an appreciation of the underlying meaning and awe-inspiring mystery of evolution. He argues for a focus on evolution as an ongoing drama and suggests that we simply cannot—indeed need not—make complete sense of it until it has fully played out.

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