At the Guardian‘s Belief page, Cameron Duodo warns of what climate change may be doing to Africa’s religious landscape:

Apart from the suffering of the people, and the dying of the cattle and other livestock by which they measure their economic wellbeing, disaster is also staring them in the face in the form of the loss of the wild animals that have made east Africa a tourist paradise. One of the most beautiful creatures n the world, the giraffe, for example, has suffered a crash in numbers. Estimates of the number lost in the Masai Mara are as high as 95%.

If things get worse – as they undoubtedly will do – it isn’t only nature that will take its toll on the African people. The many “prophets” who have set up “charismatic” churches all across Africa, and which already prey financially on the poor and the rich alike, will redouble their psychological assault on the people. Already, they use the “tithes” of their poor church members to buy themselves jet planes and build huge mansions. They can use Biblical quotations to explain away their wealth without blinking, if challenged.

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