Karen Armstrong, according to a recent profile at Holy Post, doesn't think understanding God should be easy:

Karen ArmstrongKaren Armstrong, a former nun and a prolific writer of religious history, has a few warnings for those about to tackle her latest book, The Case for God.

“We are talking far too much about God these days, and what we say is often facile,” she writes in the first sentence of the introduction. She warns, too, that much of what we think about God is bunk. God is not the Supreme Being “because God is not a being at all.” Nor is God a divine “Personality” who created the world, and we have no idea what we mean when we say God is “good,” “wise” or “intelligent.”

And if anyone finds this book or any of her works—there are 20—“really hard,” she has no sympathy. Too many members of “our democratic society,” she writes, think the “concept of God should be easy and accessible.”

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