At America’s Gods, a tour through former Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan’s new blog, which turns out to be devoted far more to spiritual speculation than rock music:

He seeks “Hidden Truths” that he hopes will show the unity of all things, but he also stresses individualism and suggests the divinity of individuals. “Who is God if not Us,” he asks. I wonder, when he puts it like that, who he thinks his audience is. Those of us who followed his music in the “grunge” years alongside bands like Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam and Nirvana are not likely to be impressed with his blog.


It’s not that I think any of this is exceedingly far out there. I know it is not (and you can decide for yourself whether that is a comforting or a disturbing fact). What’s remarkable is that Billy Corgan, a man with absolutely no spiritual credibility, is parlaying his musical fame into this spiritual enterprise. I don’t fault him for it, I think it is neatly in line with the many other celebrities who have done the same such as Madonna, Tom Cruise, or Mel Gibson. Some might contend that it is in the water out there in Hollywood. You make enough money and you start building wooden airplanes and shouting things about germs. But it’s not true. These folks are only the most visible representatives of a very strong desire for dialogue on these issues in America. I guess that what that really means is that Billy Corgan is as American as apple pie, right?

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