At God’s Politics blog, Rose Marie Berger comments on a recent article in Sojourners Magazine, in which Karin Granberg-Michaelson outlines the “theological roots of whole person health care”:

One important way that we as Christians can “reclaim our function as the primary mediator of healing in society” is by educating ourselves on the nitty-gritty of the health-care debate and working to craft a system that allows healing to flow throughout our land.

We want to craft a health-care system that honors a fair exchange of money for services, that redistributes our social capital toward the health and healing of all over the long-term, and that allows for philanthropy and generosity of heart by those who can give freely for the betterment of all.

A generous health-care system that reflects a commitment to healing and wholeness for the sake of securing human dignity is a priority. It’s one way Christians can extend our healing ministry toward our national body.

Read Berger’s full post here, and read Granberg-Michaelson’s full article here.