Andrew Sullivan responds to a post by Rod Dreher:

<br />Sorry, Rod, but you and I have to live in the disenchanted world our generation was born into. The dreams of total pre-modern coherence – whether in the malign fantasies of the Taliban or the benign aspirations of theocons longing for the 1950s in the 21st century – are dreams undone by freedom. We live in a new world, and we can and should create meaning where we can, in civil society, in private, through free expression and self-empowerment. But we cannot enforce that old meaning on others by law. And we certainly cannot do so arbitrarily, to the sole detriment of only one group in society – homosexuals. Rod knows that restoring his definition of marriage would require above all restricting the rights and freedoms of heterosexuals in modern society. But he also knows that will never fly. My advice to the theocons: by picking solely on homosexuals to force back the sexual and spiritual freedom of modernity, you look awful, you are losing the next generation and you are buttressing cruelty and pain. In your heart of hearts, you don’t want to do that.

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