The Scoop discusses a New York Times article that draws parallels between “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” and the life of Jesus Christ:

Bellafante writes, “The ‘Terminator’ franchise originated with a messianic bent, but ‘Sarah Connor’ aggressively expands the theology. Like ’24,’ also on Fox, the series plays both to the left and the right, nodding to the humanistic notion that it is in man’s power to change fate but offering a Christ figure to alter the course of history.”

That Christ figure, Sarah’s son John Connor (note the initials), is surrounded by religious imagery. His father is a mysterious figure who, overcoming time, travels from the future to impregnate Sarah. Sarah herself is a militant Madonna convinced that her son is the savior of humankind. Another member of the crew, a “good” terminator sent from the future to protect them, goes bad and betrays John. But rather than disable the mechanical turncoat, as Sarah wishes, John experiences an outpouring of love (agape, we hope) that puts the machine back on track.

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