Religion, spirituality, and democratic renewal: Essays from our grantees

This forum features essays from the Postdoctoral Research grantees of the Religion, Spirituality, and Democratic Renewal Fellowship, which aims to explore the place of religion and spirituality as they relate to current scholarly and public conversations about renewing democracy in the United States. As former director of the Religion and the Public Sphere Program, Alexa Dietrich, notes in her introduction to the forum, RSDR fellows initially called attention to Islamophobia and Christian nationalism; more recently funded grantees “illustrate the depth of understanding which must be attained if we are to overcome the differences brought about over the past several years, based in fear, inequality, and ideologically driven disagreement.” Essays featured in this series examine civic moralism in US Supreme Court opinions and school textbooks, the production of expertise on Islam within American evangelical publishing, Christian participation in US refugee resettlement programs, the relationship between Christian nationalism and antidemocratic values, and faith-based communities who are fostering democratic spaces for collaboration and place making across the United States.