The Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics at NYU has recently launched States of Devotion, a trilingual blog serving as “an interactive forum for news, analysis and opinion-making about religion and politics in the Americas.”

The blog is part of a three-year initiative on ‘Religion and Politics in the Americas’ funded by the Henry Luce Foundation that aims to promote transnational interdisciplinary research and dialogue between scholars of religion and politics in the Americas. Program activities include lectures, courses, performances, a flagship conference and policy roundtables in the United States, Mexico, Chile, Brazil and Canada. Starting from the understanding that conceptions and models of “pluralism” or “secularism” vary across national contexts and regional geographies, we aim to focus our attention on the ways in which the retraction of the state and the unrestrained acceleration of economic forces and market logics—neoliberal globalization—have transformed the experience of religiosity as well as the role and influence of religion across the Americas.

A team of bloggers and correspondents, including myself, from around the Americas will be posting news and analysis of religious and politics on the continent.

The blog and more information can be found here.