Marshall Brown

Marshall Brown is an Assistant Professor at the IIT College of Architecture where he teaches architecture and urban design. He was a 2010 MacDowell Fellow, and is also currently teaching as the first Saarinen Architecture Fellow at the Cranbrook Academy of Art. Professor Brown received his Masters degrees in Architecture and Urban Design from Harvard University where he won the Druker Fellowship for urban design. In 2004 he founded the Yards Development WorkShop, a studio that set out to hi-jack Bruce Ratner and Frank Gehry’s Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn. The WorkShop has been covered in Architectural Record and the New York Daily News along with Brown’s recent essay “Back to the Garden: The Ecological Evolution of the Atlantic Yards,” from the compendium New Directions in Sustainable Design (Routledge, 2010). Brown recently completed a pictorial essay titled “Mashup City” soon to be published by “The Believer” and is working on a scenario plan that envisions the center of Chicago as a center of the world.

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