Regular readers of The Immanent Frame may notice a new feature of the site—at the bottom of each post, there is a link that says “[view academic citations].” Should you click this link, you will see a version of the following, customized for each piece:

AMA citation:

Taylor C. Buffered and porous selves. The Immanent Frame. 2008. Available at: Accessed September 18, 2008.

APA citation:

Taylor, Charles. (2008). Buffered and porous selves. Retrieved September 18, 2008, from The Immanent Frame Web site:

Chicago citation:

Taylor, Charles. 2008. Buffered and porous selves. The Immanent Frame. (accessed September 18, 2008).

Harvard citation:

Taylor, C 2008, Buffered and porous selves, The Immanent Frame. Retrieved September 18, 2008, from <>

MLA citation:

Taylor, Charles. “Buffered and porous selves.” 2 Sep. 2008. The Immanent Frame. Accessed 18 Sep. 2008. <>

As it becomes increasingly common for readers to reference posts at academic blogs like The Immanent Frame in their scholarly papers and presentations, our aim is to ensure that our contributors receive appropriate credit for their ideas and their work. Yet a number of important questions remain. For instance, is an essay posted at a blog likely to be widely recognized as a legitimate piece of academic writing?

We encourage readers to use the comments field below as an open thread for discussion of this question and related issues.