Check out The Immanent Frame‘s ten most-read essays of 2020. These essays cover topics from Covid-19 and astrology to white Christian nationalism, span geographic regions from Latin America to the Balkans to East Asia, and examine current and historic events.

Explore all essays and exchanges from the past year and beyond, including our A Universe of Terms project. Thank you to the more than one hundred contributors who wrote for The Immanent Frame in 2020. We look forward to another year of scholarly exchanges!

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1. “Placing the pandemic in time: Astrology and Covid-19

by Omri Elisha (8/13/2020)

2. “A wedding in a cemetery: Judaism, terror, and pandemic

by Susannah Heschel (06/18/2020)

3. “Decolonizing universalisms

by Cemil Aydın (05/20/2020)

4. “Bigging Bosnia up

by Faisal Devji (06/17/2020)

6. “President Trump visits St. John’s Church

by Winnifred Fallers Sullivan (06/04/2020)

7. “The Universal Enemy: An introduction”

by Darryl Li (05/20/2020)

8. “Practices of relation: Gorski and Perry”

by Philip Gorski and Samuel Perry (04/02/2020)

9. “The political theology of corona, the virus with a crown

by J. Brent Crosson (06/11/2020)

10. “Is Europe (still) white?

by Nadia Fadil (08/04/2020)