Dear Hurricane Harvey,

Thank you. I’m sorry to say it in light of the damage you caused, but I do thank you. Or is that quite right? I something you, Harvey. You’re mine and everyone’s now. Does it hurt?

Before and after, that kind of thing.
Everything changed. People say everything changed when…
Here’s this.
Whole pages wiped clean, now parody. The first page of Agamben’s Editor’s Introduction.
The list of thinkers.
The list of thinkers and the question marks.
It’s not that others and things are overlooked. It’s that there aren’t (m)any.
Fortunately now there is Harvey to explain

The system
         Working in, leaders of, who exploits and is

But then if you are going to rub out some of that script—
I’m not talking about a revolution. The revolution has been televised. It is on your syllabus. Its dead leader, WB, will green light your dream unto the end.
I mean rub out the dream of the dream of the

I don’t mean rub out, sexy messiah runners.
I don’t mean rub out like a nose from a face, Reservoir Dog.
I mean

I’m broken, replicant. Fix me.

It’s not that hard to become a thinker. Here’s what you need: time, trust, the strength of your average fire ant,

A bulkhead.

“Whether the subject is Aristotle or Spinoza, Heidegger or Benjamin, what is at issue is always…” that now Harvey’s untimely bulk brings this sentence to an end—we interrupt your sentence to bring you Hurricane Harvey please move quickly to the nearest exit—and I am kind of, sorry, grateful.

Books are heavy.
Harvey is heavier.
Now this

I broke it, it’s only a replicant.

I broke

Dear Harv,
Listen, I’m sorry. You’re getting some terrible press and it’s not fair. The whole thing stinks, yeah, you stink like a mess of garbage but it stinks all of it, a pantomime of decay on all sides. Because I’m a sinner like you I know there’s more to it, I’ll need to remove your voice box just for a second. Does it hurt?

After is this

The chill depths of silence.
The shoots and leaves

Because I’ve been thinking the whole time I know there’s more to it.


Image via Flickr user brownpau