The scholarly blog Mobilizing Ideas recently posted an exchange on religion and activism that may interest readers. (Full disclosure: I am one of the Editors in Chief of Mobilizing Ideas, and I wrote one of the essays, so of course I think they are worth reading!) Mobilizing Ideas publishes interdisciplinary perspectives on social movements, social change, and the public sphere. One of the main elements of the blog is a monthly exchange between scholars from the social sciences and humanities and the activists they study, featuring original essays responding to problems related to social movements and social change. This month’s dialogue, “Religion and Contemporary Activism,” asks whether scholars and activists need to reevaluate current theories and practices to see if they adequately capture the myriad relationships between religion and activism today. Contributors to the first round of essays include Rhys Williams, Ziad Munson, Tricia Bruce, and Grace Yukich, and several more essays will be posted mid-November, including essays by religious activists. Contributors explore issues like religious populism in contemporary activism, the effects of social activism on religious institutions and identities, and the relationship between the sacred and the profane in religious activism. To read the essays, click here.