Last week at BBC News, Robert Pigott reported that the Dalai Lama will give to charity the  £1.1 million in Templeton prize money that he was awarded earlier this month. The Tibetan spiritual and political leader received the prize for “exceptional contributions to ‘affirming life’s spiritual dimension'”:

About £900,000 is going to Save the Children in India, with £125,000 set aside for The Minds and Life Institute.

Money is also going towards a fund to educate Tibetan monks about science.

The 76-year-old was awarded the prize for encouraging “serious scientific investigative reviews of the power of compassion”, and its potential to address world problems.

The John Templeton Foundation said he was chosen for exploring these issues – which are key themes of his teachings – with people beyond his own religious traditions.

A service was held at St Paul’s Cathedral in London to mark the occasion.

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