On November 5, 2011, there will be a closing ceremony for the Sacred Spaces in Profane Buildings exhibition curated by Matilde Cassani, hosted by Storefront for Art and Architecture:

The ceremony will include discussion with local clergy, artists, architects, academics and select participants from the www.sacredspacesinprofanebuildings.com open call on the condition of religion in the city of New York. Sacred Spaces in Profane Buildings describes the birth of religious architecture and communities as it manifests itself in the contemporary urban context. The project is a transversal investigation of the architectures, policies and multitude of individual acts through which each religion inhabits and transforms the city of New York. The diffusion of new urban religious communities is a central feature in growing contemporary urban societies and the panel will focus its discussion on the religious spaces that are built in non-traditional places to worship.

Participants in the discussion include Courtney Bender, Columbia University, Department of Religion; Maria Gonzales Pendas, GSAPP Columbia University; Patricia Bellucci, Fordham Center on Religion and Culture; along with representatives from religious communities and individuals who submitted to the project’s open call.

More information about the ceremony is available here. Read about the exhibit here.