The global feminist blog Gender Across Borders, in partnership with  Violence is Not Our Culture: the Global Campaign to End Violence Against Women in the Name of ‘Culture,’ is seeking writers for an upcoming series on gender-based violence, culture, and women’s rights.  The series will run on October 27th and 28th, and will feature personal narratives, profiles, book reviews, journalistic articles, analytical pieces, critical essays, and editorials.

Acknowledging that culture, tradition, and religion are not static categories, the two organizations are asking contributors:

How do you view the space between culture and women’s rights? Or, is there a space for ‘culture’ in the discussion on women’s rights? If there is, can culture be re-claimed and re-defined to prevent violence and uphold rights? And who can do this? Who speaks for a particular group and what power dynamics are at play within the boundaries of cultural inclusion?

To apply to be a contributor, send your piece (300 – 1500 words in length if written, 2-4 minutes if digital) and a resume/CV to Tanya at by Thursday, October 13, 2011.

Find more information and specifics on submissions here.