e-International Relations has recently published “The Sacred and the Sovereign,” a collection of short articles by Jeffrey Haynes, Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, Shireen Hunter, Brendan Sweetman, J. Paul Martin, Tariq Modood, and Barry A. Kosmin:

In this compendium, you will find seven articles, written by academics who tackle the subject of religion in international politics with diverse approaches. Readers will find intriguing pieces on secularism, religion and politics. This collection will hopefully provide a unique insight for those interested in secularism and the role of religion in international affairs.

The study of religion has grown into an essential part of modern political studies. With that point in mind, in recent years there has been a proliferation of scholarly literature on the relationship between religion and politics. The global resurgence of religion in the political arena began in earnest in the late twentieth century and if current trends are anything to go by it seems evident that the phenomenon will maintain its growth throughout the twenty-first century.

Religion in a sense did “return from exile” resulting in a blurring of the domains of God and Caesar.

The resurgence of religion primarily shows itself in such debates as the failure of secularism thesis, the emergence of a post-secular society, and the rise of religious diplomacy.

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