Opening on September 13th, Storefront for Art and Architecture will present “Sacred Spaces in Profane Buildings: a New York Archive,” a project by Matilde Cassani.  This collaborative project is open for submissions and seeks to explore the hidden landscape of New York religious life.  

The project welcomes contributions that:

explain either a story or the memory of a visit, an image of a known space, a photograph of a street sign, a location in a map, anything that might help us construct the most comprehensive guide to the sacred unknown of New York.

Do you know any sacred building in your neighborhood? Do you know of a shop that has become a Mosque? Or an apartment that has become an Iglesia Evangelica? Is there a prayer space in your block? We are looking for profane buildings transformed into the sacred: private shrines; new bespoke religious buildings; and unofficial spaces for prayer.

To participate, view current submissions or learn more about the project, visit here.