In February 2011, Indiana University Press, in conjunction with the Africa Peace and Conflict Network and the West African Research Association, will release the first publication of the African Conflict & Peacebuilding Review. A semiannual, interdisciplinary, theoretical, and empirical forum, the journal will include perspectives:

on the causes of conflicts and peace processes including, among others, cultural practices relating to conflict resolution and peacebuilding, legal and political conflict preventative measures, and the intersection of international, regional, and local interests and conceptions of conflict and peace.

The journal will take a holistic view of peace and conflict and will focus not only on large-scale international conflict and armed conflict but also peace and conflict dynamics at other levels — e.g., interpersonal, intra-group, and inter-group — and dispute settlement through customary law and cultural practices. Its scope will encompass the entire African continent, and it will incorporate works on all of its areas.

Read more about the African Conflict & Peacebuilding Review, including submission information, and be sure to check out its first issue next February.