In conversation with Katherine Marshall, Rajmohan Gandhi discusses his life’s work of fostering peace and reconciliation:

What in your view is the key to bringing about respect and reconciliation?

We focus above all on the independence of the individual. We need to take responsibility for ourselves as individuals, and train ourselves not to be drawn away from our beliefs. All of us need to convey this sense to our children, that we can live lives that are true and brave. That we can fight against arrogance, pride, and willfulness. And we can remember that in most societies most people are reconciled, and are seemingly happy coexisting together.

(Gandhi is the President of Initiatives of Change International (formerly Moral Rearmament) and the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi. Marshall is a Senior Fellow at Georgetown University’s Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs and a co-chair of the SSRC’s Advisory Committee on Religion and International Affairs.)

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