Hip-hop veteran KRS-One (aka The Teacha) has recently published, with powerHouse Books, The Gospel of Hip Hop: First Instrument, which Susan G. Reyes Vasquez quotes from in her post at Feminist Review:

For example, in the opening section, of this book the Teacha states: “But as for us, as for our group commonly known in the World as ‘Hip Hop,’ this gospel acknowledges and celebrates the Love that has saved OUR people from self destruction. It is time to repent and grow up! Rapping about crime and murder may sound good amongst those who have never committed such acts, but for those of us who are REAL IN THE FIELD, we send this message to our young people—YOU DON’T REALLY WANT IT!”

And on the following page: “For with this first instrument we remember GOD and how we were rescued by unseen forces more powerful than any government on Earth. For when all seemed hopeless and oppression seemed permanent; a caring, protective, nurturing creative force independent of all the World’s political, business, educational and religious institutions, swept through our hearts and homes and we were rescued from sickness, hatred, ignorance and poverty with a behavior that we eventually began to call ‘Hip Hop.’ And we must NEVER forget this.”

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