On 16-17 October 2009, the CUNY Graduate Center will host a conference in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of C. Wright Mills’s The Sociological Imagination. The event will be sponsored by the Center for the Study of Culture, Technology and Work at the Graduate Center and the Institute for Public Knowledge at NYU:

Held in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of The Sociological Imagination, C. Wright Mills’ manifesto for both the social sciences and for the vanishing breed of political intellectuals, this two-day conference seeks to update Mill’s vision of “taking it big” in the social sciences by focusing on the role of intellectuals, questions of power, the middle class, culture and political theory as well as the political nature of scholarship. Speakers include Stanley Aronowitz, Craig Calhoun, Tom Hayden, Russell Jacoby, Adolph Reed, Marshall Berman, Lynn Chancer and Stephen Bronner.

Registration required. Contact 212-817-2001 or email greenbergandrew@gmail.com.

An official conference announcement is available here.