Geert Wilders, a member of the Dutch Parliament, released “Fitna” in 2008, a controversial short film about the Qur’an and Islamist terror. Recently, Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe interviewed Wilders, who said:

I have nothing against the people. I don’t hate Muslims. But Islam is a totalitarian ideology. It rules every aspect of life—economics, family law, whatever. It has religious symbols, it has a God, it has a book—but it’s not a religion. It can be compared with totalitarian ideologies like Communism or fascism. There is no country where Islam is dominant where you have a real democracy, a real separation between church and state. Islam is totally contrary to our values.


Islam and freedom of speech are incompatible. Cultural relativism makes it difficult to fight, because cultural relativism says that Islam is the same as Christianity. Europe is being Islamized very, very quickly. In our prisons, we have a mark in every cell indicating the direction of Mecca. In Holland! I can give you 500 examples. People are getting beaten up on the streets of Amsterdam and Brussels for drinking water during Ramadan. We should have a sense of urgency.

Read the full interview here.

[via Religion Clause]